Monday, November 16, 2009

Fairytale Fotos by Melanie

So I know I have been such a slacker keeping my blog updated! We moved back to Cache Valley from Idaho Falls this summer and have been so busy with our four little girls trying to enjoy each moment with them. One thing that I have been doing also is Finally starting up my photography business. I have had this dream for many years and started here and there last year, but I am now officially up and going! Please check out my photography blog at

This is my business card that I hand out to those interested in hiring me as their photographer.
I photograph families, children, newborns, spiritual events, sporting or dancing group pictures, senior portraits, bridals, engagements, and weddings! And pretty much anything you would like me to photograph!

Right now I am having a great Christmas special for family pictures which includes the printed Christmas cards for a great price!!! Christmas is coming up fast and so I am getting pretty booked for sessions, so if you would like to get your pictures done please either email or call me and I can answer any questions for you and we could set up a time to have a little fun taking pictures!!! All my contact information is on my other blog so please visit it

Thank you my dear friends I love you all!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kam at 4 months and growing!

So I can't believe my little baby is already 4 months old. I know I say this all the time, but where does the time go? She has been such a fun little baby. The only thing I really have to complain about with this little one is that she erupts like a volcano 50 times a day, so we are all constantly changing clothes thanks to being drenched in spit up, as Hadlee puts it "She throwed up again, EWIE!" Other than that she is quite the angel. She sleeps wonderfully all night long and then is up most of the day but loves her swing and bouncer so she keeps pretty entertained. About two weeks ago she learned her newest trick of rolling over. I always love when they learn something new, but then I am sad to know they are growing up so fast. She loves her sisters so much already, they all take turns seeing who can make her laugh the most. Bailey loves to snuggle with her at nights, Brin is pretty much her second mom carrying her everywhere, and Hadlee is her little buddy and is always mauling her and kissing her saying "Kam, you my Best Friend". She loves her mommy but I can tell already I have another Daddy's Girl! So far he was the first to make her smile, first to make her giggle, and he was the first one to see her roll over. NOT FAIR =) Well as you can imagine I am as busy as ever with these little ones and to add to that I also started babysitting 3 more little girls during the week to help bring in some money, so needless to say my blogging time is few and far between. Hopefully the next time I write Kamree isn't already walking. Well I'd better run because I am feeding her while writing plus I have Hadlee climbing on my head and I can't see the screen anymore LOL! We love you all and miss everyone terribly but you are always in our hearts and thoughts! I'll try to update soon!
---My sweet blue-eyed girl---

She absolutely LOVES her jumper.....she jumps until she falls asleep everytime she is in it!

*Kam and her Daddy*

I love her chubby legs =)

Kam with her Grandma Marsha when suprised us by coming to visit on Valentines Day!

For Valentines for Jeremy I took some pics of Kamree with a football and put them in a frame for him! He loves football and since he only has little girls I thought this would be fun for him!

A Pit Bull and a Baby, not a picture you see everyday =)

-- Best Buds Already--

Friday, January 9, 2009

As Time Marches On........

Since having my 4th finding time to blog has been hard to come by. I still need to post Christmas, but tonight I was just looking through pics and decided to post some random ones. My girls are all growing so fast I can't believe it. Even just looking at the summer pics compared to now they look so different. The holidays were crazy busy but fun! Since then Bailey started basketball. Something I never imagined her liking but not only does she like it she is actually pretty good. Tonight was her second game and she made three baskets! I was so proud of her. Brinley is wanting to sign up for spring soccer so I can't wait for spring to watch her. The two littles ones are just so much fun. Hadlee is definately in her terrible two's but so fun too. I spend half my day just laughing my head off at the things she says. Kamree is growing faster than I would like. I keep trying to freeze her but she just keeps growing. She is getting chubby and smiles and giggles all the time. Even with hard times I can smile everyday because I am so grateful for my wonderful family. I love being a mom more than I could have ever dreamed! So anyways here are some randoms pictures of the girls over the past while and some recent. I will eventually get to adding my Christmas pictures, probably around Easter time!
These next few I would love to take credit for but I can't, these were done in the summer by Tinabeanphotography! She did awesome!!!

This was back from Bailey's baptism but it is one of my favorites of her!!

One of my little models.....this was taken a few months ago but I love it of her!


---Bailey at her Basketball Game---

**Bailey looking more grown up each day**

-^-Brinley 6 and SASSY-^-

Chillin in Dad's hat (and yes she still has a binki)

---Little Poser---

Me and my little buddy!!!
-*-Kamree's newest trick-*-

*Hadlee loving her sister Kamree*

--I love the Deer in the Headlights look--

' Little Twinners'

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Here are some of our family pictures we did. Over Thanksgiving while we were in Logan me and my friend Jada decided to get our two families together and do pictures. I took her family and she took mine. I am so glad to finally have an actual family picture. It has been forever! We had alot of fun doing them, even though the sun wouldn't cooperate, but we also got some fun ones of the kids and afterwards rewarded the kids for being patient with us by taking them for icecream at Caspers! YUMMY!

Our Christmas card this year! I learned how to create my own designs on my photoshop and had alot of fun doing mine and some friends and family members as well.

I love how Hadlee is the only one looking back! That is so her personality!

All my beautiful girlies

Bailey and Ike have been best friends since the day they were born so we always have to take their pictures when they are together.

Hadlee and her boyfriend Luke

I Love This One!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~*~Kamree's Blessing Day~*~

On December 7th Jeremy blessed Kamree at our ward in Idaho. We were so blessed to have so many friends and family make the drive to be here with us. It turned out to be such a wonderful day! Kamree had such a sweet spirit about her all day. I think she knew it was her day! We were so grateful to be living in our new place so we had room for everyone to come over after for a luncheon. Thank you to all those who were able to come and for all the help you gave. We are so blessed to have all you in our lives! And we are especially blessed to have such beautiful little girls in our family!!!

*-My darling baby-*

-*-Oldest sis Bailey and Kamree-*-

~~Brinley and baby sister Kamree~~

**Big Sister Hadlee with Kamree**

--Proud Parents--

Our Whole Fam!